Friday, 8 November 2013

What a year.....

Another month passes & as always the C word is still a huge part of my life... only now I'm embracing it, now I'm in control & now I am using the nasty word for a greater cause.  I'm taking advantage of the fact I was ill to spread awareness & help others, if I can save even one persons life then all has not been in vain.

I'm constantly getting emails from other women who've been diagnosed, they've either read my blog, or someone's told them about me & passed on my info.  These women can relate to me, I'm a friend of a friend, similar in age, (under 40, just), with a young family & most importantly I've been through it & come out the other side.  It feels good to be able to give advice & help others, I've never had the opportunity to do something this meaningful before, it's funny but apart from my children, my life feels like it has more purpose now. 

So most of my blogging will be less about me & more about what I can do to help others in our strive towards a future without Breast Cancer.  This will include sharing stories of hope, informative websites & information, but most importantly raising funds to help find a cure for this terrible disease.  

As you all know I'm performing in Grease in March 2014, rehearsals are coming along brilliantly & it's all very exciting.  Tickets have already gone on sale & are selling out like "greased lightening".  Please call the Impact box office on 07770914425 & mention my name.  Saturday matinee is always the first to sell out so if you are thinking of bringing kids get booking now!  It's all for a very good cause, firstly I'm in it :) & secondly we are supporting 2 amazing charities Future Dreams & Breakthrough Breast Cancer.  If you are interested in placing an ad in our souvenir programme/ brochure either on a personal or company level, please contact one of our brochure team, or call Daniel on 07780 602 618.  The show is likely to be seen by 1,500 people over five days and we estimate a total of 750 – 1,000 brochures will be handed out over this period.  THANK YOU!

Whilst writing I have to mention a gorgeous beauty salon in Harpenden my bestie Katie introduced me to last week - Total Looks is a mother & daughter run business & it really is very unique.  They do fantastic treatments, sell gorgeous products & as a very special act of kindness give away free beauty packages to women with breast cancer to help them to feel beautiful & confident during their treatment.  It is the most quaint special place so if you fancy being really pampered & treating yourself call them up for an appointment.

It feels good to know that my treatment is ending, but sadly the guarantee is not.  Whilst I may be at a lot lower risk of getting breast cancer than the average woman with her natural breasts, I'm still in the high percentage of getting ovarian cancer which is a lot harder to prevent.  So last week I was back at the hospital not in the breast clinic this time, but 2 floors down at the X-Ray department having an internal scan, which is not the most delightful way to spend an afternoon.. basically a camera on the end of a long thin stick wriggled around inside you.  Thankfully all was clear & my 6 monthly checks of my ovaries & Fallopian tubes is underway & the concern of needing them removed in the not too distance future is quietly looming.

Then Friday's fun trip out was to Harley Street to have the final stage of my nipple tattoo done at The Nouveau Beauty Group by Karen Betts 
Anyone who is needing any kind of cosmetic tattooing this is the place to go.  Obviously as my tattoo was for medical purpose & I have private health care my treatment was paid for, but not all women are in that position.  So If you have a friend, family or client who has had breast cancer or reconstructive surgery and would be interested in free nipple tattoo reconstruction, they do training days which offers this tattooing for FREE!  Thousands of women have these treatments after suffering from medical conditions, and for these people medical tattooing can help provide a solution to their changed appearance. This treatment provides a replication of realistic looking areola, which creates the illusion of nipple protrusion for clients who have had a mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery.  People coping with illness or disfigurement often feel like they’ve lost their femininity, their confidence, their self-esteem so this treatment really can change their lives for the better – it helps restore appearance and confidence after having to deal psychologically with an altered body image, in addition to the effects of chemotherapy and surgery.  If you would like to find out more about the treatment, which is completely free of charge, please call Jordana at Karen Betts Professional on 0844 801 6838

Big thank you to my special friend Mel who accompanied me today & held my hand as husband had to work.

This hopefully marked the end of my treatment from diagnosis to date, a year in total.  Wow I had to just stop typing & take a moment to reflect with a lump in my throat....

WHAT A YEAR.....!!!!!

Today however I am fit & healthy, I'm singing, dancing, yoga- ing, pampering & blogging!

Keep sharing & checking ....


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