Friday, 3 January 2014

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me...

January 4th 2014 a year to the day since I underwent a double mastectomy to remove cancer cells from my right breast & prevent anymore cells developing in my left.


So much has happened...  

I'm fully recovered, physically.. Mentally who knows how much longer that's gonna take, maybe forever, but I feel I've dealt with everything the best way I could & can now only look towards the future & the year ahead full of happy, healthy, fun times..

So my diary is already quite full starting with my besties engagement party this Sunday, (Katie it's been a long time coming!).  Whilst I shall be toasting (with water.. it's dry January after all) her new found happiness & exciting future, I shall also be toasting myself for the bravery, strength & stamina that has helped me power through this past year.

FYI for anyone who has over indulged during the holidays!!  Also have to mention again my fab classes perfect for New Years detox & helping to keep your body trim, fit & healthy.
The end of the month my baby turns 3.. Unbelievable how time flies when you're having fun.  He really is the most delightful, kind, bright little boy, who brings the upmost joy to all who know him & especially me.. I am one very proud mummy.
Then we come to March, whoop! whoop! big month for my alter ego (Frenchie) and the rest of Impact's fantastic Grease cast.. Please if you haven't already - get your tickets! as I would hate for anyone to miss out on what promises to be an amazing show!!
Box office 07770 914 425

Then in April my gorgeous family & I are off to the happiest place on earth - Disney!!  Cannot wait to see the look on Harry's face when he actually meets Mickey Mouse!! :)

Summer bringing on more celebrations and to kick it all off in July my big 4 0 !!!! I know I can't believe I'm that old either..

Then August & September 2 of my closest friends weddings!! 

A pretty jam packed year, let's hope all runs according to plan.... And only happy times ahead!

I'm always reminded of the quote "Live laugh love"

Life really is too short and you never know what's around the corner so take it, grab it, enjoy it, LIVE IT!!!

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy year New Year.  Work hard, play hard, look after each other, but most importantly look after yourselves!!!!


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