Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Life goes on....

6 weeks & counting! Still living at my mums.. Thought I'd be strong enough by now & my house would be ready to move into but alas no. 1 more week to go then I'm on my own. No more grandma to help at breakfast (so I can have an extra hour in bed), no more grandma to help at bathtime (so I can go have a lie down before I fall down), no more grandma to help at 3/5/6 am wake up calls whilst I sleep soundly in the other room.. Tell me again why I want to leave... ??????

It all has to come to an end, we've been thoroughly spoilt with this help on tap & my poor mum is ready for a breakdown! So back to reality & standing on my own 2 feet.

Meanwhile i've been keeping busy as life still goes on - nursery runs, play dates & parties (a 2 year old with a very full social life), and me well I've been focussing on creating something positive out of this negative situation.. Tonight i'm off to a committee meeting for Future Dreams charity with regard to a big fundraiser they're planning, last week I had an interview with the JC newspaper 'telling my story' so hoping that will go to print, & also waiting on a call back regarding a media volunteering programme for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

However there still is no getting away from the fact only 6 weeks ago I had major surgery, I had a double mastectomy, & part of my body is just not my own. Pushing it to the back of your mind, or trying to be positive is fine, but even that's difficult to do 24/7. So I've made an earlier hospital appointment for Monday just to check everything is healing ok, as I think not, maybe I'm just being paranoid or over cautious, but as previous experience has shown me, better to be safe than sorry!

I just want to mention my new friend to be Bex ;) I know she's reading this, & writing her own blog - bexbeer.com - "Everyday a positive thought" - Cancer really does affect us all in many different ways... sending strength & love your way, you incredibly brave girl!!

I know I keep saying it but please check yourselves girls & boys!!

Please read, follow & share these blogs, to help raise awareness in the fight towards a cancer free world.

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