Thursday, 7 February 2013

Alternative therapies rock!

It's been 5 weeks today since my op & I'm happy to say i'm most definitely over the worst. This week for the first time I haven't felt that sore or achy, even though my boobs by 6pm feel like pumped up balloons ready to explode off my chest (swelling & fluid), & I get these random piercing shooting pains between the skin & implant (the nerves knitting together), but compared to how I felt 2 weeks ago it's bloody brilliant!

So today as there is no complaints, I'm going to tell you about the fantastic alternative treatment I've been having. The Lymphatic drainage massage at Chai Cancer Care in Hendon which I have mentioned before, is definitely helping to drain the fluid naturally back into my body, & my therapists soft gentle touch is just delightful. Who knew that your Lymphatic vessels are positioned just under your skin & feather like pressure is all you need to open them. Every woman should go for Lymphatic draining (or look it up on internet how to do it yourself), as lymph nodes are important in the proper functioning of the immune system, & rids your breasts of any excess fluid that can cause aches, pains, & who knows what else...

On Wednesday I had some spiritual healing by my very kind, beautiful friend Nicola Novack - - an experience which I can only describe as INTENSE, AMAZING & POWERFUL! After my treatment she gave me an Amethyst crystal (for protection) to wear at all times in my bra (whatever works). I highly recommend anyone who is poorly or just not feeling right no matter how big or small the problem, make an appointment & hopefully get some comfort.

The best news of all happened just this morning, for the first time since I said goodbye to him the night before going into hospital, I had proper cuddles with my little boy, a real body to body clench & it was wonderful. Those little things like carrying & hugging him that I took for granted, I have missed so much. Although I doubt he's noticed as everyone else has been so full on with him, but as his mummy it has been very hard on me.

As I'm feeling so much better I think I'll start driving again, maybe tomorrow.. my friends have had a baby & I'm desperate to visit them. Huge congrats mama & dada Swerin!xxx

Last & by no means least a massive thank you to my mum - best nurse ever! for looking after me & taking such good care of us, it's been emotional - but i'm soooooo looking forward to going back to my own (newly refurbished) home next week, how exciting!

Once I'm back home, back to reality & back to thankfully getting on with the rest of my cancer free life (until my next check up in 5 weeks), I can hopefully start to see this blip as a distant memory. In the meantime I will continue to enhance my being, whilst using the enjoyable, alternative, homeopathic & spiritual therapies, as they totally rock!!!

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  1. Hi - I somehow stumbled across your post as it was shared by a facebook friend and I read it while I was in hospital. I am going through pretty much the same experience as you at the moment & also have a 2 year old so your story absolutely affected me. I was not allowed recon last year as the DCIS had become cancer and was in my lymph nodes but have completed my treatment and initial surgery now and hope to be able to have the recon later this year, so its been helpful to read of your experiences. Its so scary and sad to know that this can happen to people as young as us but I just wanted to wish you all the very best with your recovery. Keep strong and we will both be around for years to come to see our little ones grow up. Best wishes, Dawn x