Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Boobie saga part deux

It's been 4 months 6 days since my op & I'm once again back at the hospital for another check up & hopefully be given a date for the next part in my breast reconstruction.

This bit involves an overnight stay for the nipple to be reconstructed on the right breast & fat transference from my stomach & love handles (I requested that) to both breasts.

My smiley happy surgeon seems very pleased with my recovery & yeay can book me in next month, he suggests I have as little done to them as poss to reduce the risk of infection (so there goes the enlargement 'Katie Price' style tits I was hoping for... Damn!!!)

I've got one slightly bigger than the other (haven't we all??), so asked if he could even them up, he said with regard to recovery time, pain & reduced risk of infection (he keeps repeating this, slightly worrying) I should have as little surgery as possible done & not have them cut open again, so I'm listening to him, they're big enough as it is.. (well one is!!) Plus this fat transfer option sounds interesting & hopefully will even them up. Maybe I should ask him if I need to eat a few more cakes & chips this month in preparation???

I did however ask him again when & if the numbness was going to fade & if I'm going to get any feeling back ?? He said the same answer im sure he's said before, "probably not" . Oh ok then... He said something about over time the nerves in the top of the arm knit together first then work their way down towards the breast.. Husband made some joke about shaking my hand vigorously ... Ha ha bloody ha!

So Saturday June 1st I'm booked in & hopefully all will be a success - NO INFECTION!!

On another note I've started working out & enjoying a fab class called Xtend Barre @ The Wellness Centre in Welwyn Gardnen City - I absolutely love it & my thighs are thanking me too! The wellness centre is a fab place for anyone recovering from an injury or surgery, & want to have a personal hands on approach to fitness & well being.

This week i've also been working with the Future Dreams charity in getting their twitter & facebook pages up & running, so please follow us on twitter @futuredreamss & our fb page: FutureDreams Charity - for all the up to date information on exciting forthcoming events.

Whilst i'm on the charity buzz my friend Abi is doing a collection of old bras for .. you guessed it.. Breast Cancer! Now I know I have many a bra in my drawer which has never fitted or def doesn't now!! So you must have too, & by doing this you are helping to raise vital funds for dedicated research to improve detection and survival. BCR Global Textiles who help small businesses in Africa, are preventing valuable textiles going to landfill & giving them a new lease of life in developing countries across Africa, where bra's remain too expensive to produce. BCR are donating £1,000 to research for every tonne of textiles they collect, that's only 9,000 bras! With over 30 million women in the UK we could really help make a difference! When you Donate your illfitting or unwanted underwear it will be whisked away to start a new life on the other side of the world, where traders support their families selling textiles locally. Successful ventures like this keep many families in developing countries out of poverty whilst providing employment for people at home in the UK. Any bras that are genuinely beyond redemption are dismantled and disposed of properly. Pls contact for the address to send them too.

Last but not least a big huge thank you to the lovely ladies who made me feel confident, sexy & beautiful about myself again... Long time coming!! I had a fabulous day last week taking part in a glam photo shoot for the lovely Jaimie J salon - - using extension professional hair - - with photos shot by the very talented Leanne Benson -

Anyone thinking of having hair extensions this is who you need to see!

Whilst I'm writing I want to send big love out to my friend Lucy Pearl who is a massive inspiration to all that know her, & to tell her publicly how beautiful she looks!!!!

Have a nice few weeks & I'll let you know the outcome of boobie saga part deux!

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