Thursday, 30 May 2013

Here we go again..

Thursday 30th May & 2 days to go before I'm back in hospital for the 2nd part of my reconstruction. For some reason I'm more nervous this time, even though I know it's a much smaller procedure, with a shorter recovery time & way less pain, but for some reason I have this worrying niggling feeling nestling in the depth of my stomach..

There is of course the anaesthetic to worry about, even though I will be having a lot less & be unconscious for a much shorter period, then there's the cost, as mentioned before my insurance company is only paying for the one breast! Then there's the recovery period at home with my little boy - what and how much will I be able to do?? So as you can see that little nub of anxiety floating around in my stomach/chest has every right to be there.

On the upside from Saturday night I will have not 1 but 2 nipples, woo hoo! & hopefully start to feel somewhat "normal" again...

Whilst writing I want to say a few thank you's. Firstly to my aunt Angela in Montreal for having us last week & what a wonderful time we had. My 96 year old grandma celebrated her birthday & 4 generations of us were there. Secondly to my mum & dad for supporting me in all I say & do - mum you are my right hand, my support system, my aupair, My ROCK! thank you for looking after Harry as much as you do & for always being there for us when we need you. Dad thank you for our special times together, our fun days out & for your constant love & affection. My wonderful mother in law Elaine, you surpass any stereotype & my appreciation for your help & love with our kids is endless.

Last but by no means least my wonderful, caring, supportive gorgeous FIT husband! I couldn't face another day without you helping me through it.. You truly are my bestest friend & I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do & put up with. Everyone please sponser my super athletic husband as he is taking part in the Virgin London Triathlon in July to raise money for Children with Cancer -

To all of you reading this now, thank you for your continued support in reading & sharing this blog, you are all helping to raise awareness towards a life without breast cancer :)



  1. Jo, very best wishes for tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you, hope everything goes brilliantly, sending hugs, Yvonne xx

  2. Good luck with the reconstruction. You are amazing and should consider writing a book xxx lots of love Chantal Raymond