Friday, 28 December 2012


Ok Christmas is over, New Year to come, then that’s the end of the festivities & time to face the upcoming blip in my world….

Thought I would share a few facts.. Now I know I’m very fortunate to have so many people that love & care about me, also that I have the added bonus of private Health Insurance (I am aware that not everyone has this luxury, that allows me choices of who & where I go to have my operation), so I apologise now if I sound ungrateful but…..

Health Insurance is a strange thing – It's one of those things that costs monthly along with your phone, car, gas, electricity, etc.. but hope you never have to use/claim, & like all insurances they try to wriggle out of paying if they can!!!

They take your monthly fees quickly enough, put their prices up annually & expect you to be grateful for their existence when gd forbid you should need them!!

Well for those of you that don’t know, when you go privately firstly you need to get your claim authorised, they check with the Dr then give their verdict on what they are going to pay for, & what they're not.

In my case they will pay for everything to do with the right boob (the diseased one), but nothing for the left, which they say is ‘preventative surgery’.  This cost includes the extra theatre time, extra time the anaesthetist is with me, the surgeons charge for removing & reconstructing the left breast, drugs etc. etc., so thus there will be quite a large shortfall which we will have to self-fund.  (I get stressed listening to this so they have been instructed to speak only to my mum from now on)!

At least they were apologetic, but really, how short sighted, isn’t it better to prevent something from happening before it actually happens!!  Especially when it's a VERY high risk of it actually happening!! Wouldn't it save them money in the long run…. I just don’t get it!!

Anyway rant over.. Packing to do we're off to Brighton for a few days over new year to relax & have some fun with my family & best friends.  Try to have a little of a good time before B DAY !!!!


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  1. Your blog is amazing. Full of inspiration which is incredible to read. Wish you loads and loads of luck for your op. You've been so brave with all you've had to go through lately. Really wowed by your courage x