Tuesday, 18 December 2012

I'm in charge!!!

8.30pm Monday 3rd december 2012 - 8.30 at night! who has an appointment to see the doctor at night?? no one unless it's an emergency or very serious!!

Please understand I'm trying my hardest not to be negative about any of this or getting my hopes up, I'm just being realistic - It's not good news I'm waiting for, it's just how bad the bad news is.

The results of the 2nd biopsy are in & as we thought the DCIS is too far spread to remove by a lumpectomy so my only other option is the mastectomy. I thank my doctor for everything he has done & tell him that I'm going for a 2nd opinion. I feel bad telling him this but it's my body, my life, my decision & by far the most important one I'm probably ever going to make.

He asks me the reasons why I'm going elsewhere, I tell him I'm not happy with the plastic surgeon he recommended. I assure him it's not the diagnosis I'm questioning, as that proof is there in black & white + lots of pieces of my flesh!! I'm just not happy with the reconstructive surgery that's been offered to me or the surgeon, & I've been recommended to someone else who does both operations himself. He knows him (I should hope so as this guy is rated top 5 in the UK in breast cancer procedures & reconstructive surgery). We are in & out within 10 mins, the quickest appointment by far, he didn't even bother to check/remove my dressing from the previous biopsy, perhaps he forgot.. He then handed me all my notes, & DVDs of my X-rays etc. & wished me luck.

Onwards & upwards, appointment for genetic testing & new surgeon only a day away!

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